Cropped Photo Sizes: Brantford Wedding Photographer

Thinking of getting some prints made?  Most people don’t realize that some of the most popular print sizes (5×7’s and 8×10’s, for example) are actually “cropped” sizes — so when they get their enlargements back from the photo lab, they wonder why part of the image has been chopped off!  Here’s a diagram of the various ways an image can be cropped, depending on the size you order.

Remember:  when you order a  photo from a big-box photo lab, they often will just hack off one side of the image… but that sometimes results in having someone or something important cropped out of the print, or an uneven, lop-sided look.  When you order a photo through In Bloom Photography, your image will be custom cropped to ensure the image looks great, and an appropriate amount of the image has been cropped from either or both ends.  Take a look!

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