Erin & Adam: Kitchener Wedding Photographer

Wow.  You know, a lot of people have dreams of creating a small, intimate wedding.  But Erin and Adam really did it.  Back in June, this truly smiley couple enjoyed a quiet wedding day on the bride’s parents’ farm with just their closest family members.  Their siblings were their bridal party, and the only other guests were their parents and the occasional furry friend!  Nine people in total, making this a unique wedding day in Kitchener.

Erin got ready at the farmhouse and I fell in love with her lace dress with a very soft pink undertone.  So pretty!

AE-013AE-022AE-038Kitchener Wedding PhotographerAE-059

Adam’s mom had two identical pins for the couple that she pinned into Erin’s dress and Adam’s vest.AE-081

The first look!  Adam just grabbed Erin and gave her the sweetest hug.  :)AE-097-PF

Everyone was dressed up, even the dogs!


And the ceremony began in the farmhouse’s backyard.  AE-200AE-233AE-238AE-247AE-254AE-262-PFAE-270


We made a quick jaunt into downtown Kitchener for a few shots around Erin & Adam’s favorite spots.AE-306-PFAE-333-PFAE-337With such a small guest list, it was easy to take candid photos while everyone relaxed before dinner!AE-359AE-402-PFAE-410-PFAE-418-PF

Uh oh… someone’s taking a nap on the bride’s train!  Better get that bustled up!AE-376AE-362AE-427AE-364

Dinner was incredible:  the couple’s favorite comfort foods ordered in from their favorite restaurant!AE-443AE-430

A toast to the couple before dinner.AE-433-PFAE-449

LOVE this wedding!  It’s sometimes so easy to get caught up in having a huge extravagant wedding… but this just goes to show that your wedding can be all about the couple and the ones closest to them.  Congratulations Erin & Adam!