I’m Baaaack!!!

I’m back from vacation in the Bahamas — what an awesome 10th anniversary we had!  Thanks for everyone’s patience; I’m almost through the pile of emails that came in while I was away.  How strange a feeling it was to be on a big cruise ship with no access to the internet for such a long time!

Anyway, now that I’m back, I’m getting everyone scheduled and organized for fall portrait season.  Incredibly I only have about 2 weekend dates left in all of September and October.  Once those are gone, I’ve got only a limited number of weekdays left to fill as well.  It’s shaping up to be another busy fall season so if you’re interested, now is the time to book it!  In the meantime, here’s one of my favorite shots of our little (!) floating home for the past week.  Later this week I’ll be posting a whole lot of recent wedding stories on the blog so stay tuned for that!  Cheers!