Getting Ready: Southern Ontario Wedding Photographer

I’ve been going through some old photos from past weddings, and I’ve discovered that one of my favorite things to shoot during a wedding day are the “getting ready” photos!  These are always so fun, because you’ve got the bride & all her best friends laughing and giddy about the day to come.  I love it!  Here are a few I was looking at today.  I’m sure I’ll be posting more in the future!

May 29, 2012 - 11:41 am

Carol - Oh My Gosh!!!! These pictures are so darn cute!!!! and .I love thoess red shoes. Great Photography. Of course it helps to have a cute model. Let’s just say that I love these shots.

Kelly’s Headshots: Hamilton Portrait Photographer

As promised, here is another professional portrait session from a couple of weekends ago in Hamilton.  This time, the lovely lady happens to be my oldest sister Kelly!  She is a Nurse Anaesthetist in Michigan, and plans on using her fancy new headshots for everything from writing articles for nursing blogs, to just personal use!  Hey, who doesn’t want to have some good shots of themselves?  :-) So we did a combination of some casual poses, and then some more professional shots so she has quite a variety to choose from.  Here are a few of my favorites from her session!

Colleen’s Headshots: Hamilton Portrait Photographer

So yesterday I gave you a little sneak-peek of a couple photo sessions from last weekend.  Today I’m sharing with you a few more from one of those sessions.  This is Colleen Carlisle; she’s a Stella & Dot Independent Stylist, as well as the Style Blogger over at the Yummy Mummy Club.  She wanted some new shots of herself for work, as well as just for fun!  So here are a few of my favorites from my session with Colleen.  I’m sorry, but she is drop. dead. gorgeous!!!  Coming up soon, my photo session with my oldest sister!