What I’m Working On: Hamilton Portrait Photographer

Just a little peek into what I’ve been working on… some great shots from last weekend in Hamilton.  :-) Professional portraits don’t have to be stuffy & boring anymore!  These two gorgeous women prove that!  Full blogpost coming soon….

Before and After: Brantford Boudoir Photographer

This weekend is my 3rd Annual Boudoir Marathon in Hamilton and I’m getting things ready to go!  I thought for this week’s Before & After, I’d show you a little bit of skin retouching.  In this particular photo, my client already had wonderful skin!  But when I changed around the colours a bit to bring out the highlights in her hair and give her a creamier skintone, I wanted to touch up her skin a wee bit to give the image a more polished look.  When I do skin retouching, the key is to not go overboard.  Too much; they start to lose texture in the skin and look like a plastic doll.  Things like freckles, moles, etc. are kept, but blemishes are removed.  My general rule is, if it’s going to be there in 6 months, keep it.  If not, smooth it out.  What do you think?

Baby Addyson: London Newborn Photographer

I had a wonderful newborn session this past weekend with some old clients of mine.  They recently had a baby girl and she is so sweet!  Barely even made a peep during our session, and as   soon as I turned on the heater and started rocking her back and forth, she fell right asleep and let me take so many nice sleepy time photos of her!  Here is Baby Addyson, at just over a week old.  Isn’t she just the sweetest thing?