What I’m Working On: Brantford and London Wedding Photographer

Periodically I like to go back through old photos I’ve taken, and see if anything new catches my eye.  Maybe it’s a photo I previously skipped over for something else.  But as my tastes change, it’s fun to look again and see if there’s something new I’d like to play around with.  This wedding photo was taken during an editorial wedding shoot I did a couple of years ago at a gorgeous estate home here in Brantford.  Believe it or not, this bride is seated at the entrance of a bathroom shower!  Hide the shampoo and conditioner, then you’ve got yourself a pretty neat backdrop!  It just goes to show you never know where you’re going to find a neat location for a photo.

Bridal Portrait London Brantford Ontario

Lisa & Daryl: London Wedding Photographer

Surprise!  Lisa and Daryl eloped on their 10th anniversary!  Our super-secret day started at their house in London Ontario on a very chilly day this past March.  They were troopers though; a little windchill wasn’t going to stop these two!  Lisa and Daryl’s elopement took place at the London City Hall, and then we wandered around downtown London to some of the happy couple’s favorite spots.

LD-004-PFLD-022LD-026-PFLD-035LD-036LD-038Guess who?!  It’s the Mayor of London!  :-)LD-045LD-047LD-057LD-058LD-070LD-074LD-094-PFLD-095LD-099Ahhh, now they can relax at their favorite pub!LD-101LD-102-PFLD-103LD-118-PFLD-123LD-124-PFLD-151-PFLD-153-PFLD-154-PF

Congratulations, Lisa & Daryl on your perfect elopement in London!

What I’m Working On: Brantford Newborn Photographer

I don’t know what was going on 9 months ago but there has been a wave of newborn babies coming to my studio lately for their first photo session!  I’ve been so fortunate to take these babies’ photos, and see their parents (most of whom are past clients of mine).  Anyway, here is a little sampling of some of the sweet little faces that have been visiting me lately!Brantford Newborn Photographer

To book your newborn session, contact me as soon as possible!  We can get the paperwork started, and I’ll mark down your due date on the calendar.  Of course we don’t know when your baby will make their grand appearance, but getting things started while you’re still pregnant ensures I am leaving plenty of space open on my calendar to fit you in.  View my newborn package & information on my RATES page and if you have any other questions or would like to make a booking, drop me a line!