Please Read: Limited Sessions Available in 2016

Hey guys!

Thanks for being a loyal follower and friend of In Bloom Photography. I have some news I wanted to share and hope you’ll bear with me as I ramble here!
What started as a purely casual hobby in 2002 turned into something incredible. Somehow I was able to turn a simple interest in photography into a viable business that has sustained me and given me oodles of joy over these last several years. I’ve watched clients turn into friends as I’ve captured weddings, pregnancies, births, families and more. I have been so lucky you chose to include me in those moments and it’s been an honor to watch your lives grow and change.

But I’ve decided to start stepping back now. I’d like to get back to being a hobby photographer again and explore other interests for my career. As a result, I will be taking on only a very limited number of portrait sessions in 2016… And even fewer weddings. Fear not! I will still be doing some, as it’s a lot of fun and I couldn’t just stop altogether! But the break-neck speed and intense schedule I have now is just not sustainable any more. So we’re going back to casual, fun, and occasional sessions!

If you’re considering booking In Bloom Photography in the next year, please do let me know sooner than later as I hate turning people away.
Thanks again, sincerely. You guys, your referrals, your kind thoughts… AMAZING. I wouldn’t be here without you. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

~ Carolyn