Weekly Favorite: Amazing Boudoir in Black & White

My very exclusive Boudoir Day is happening June 29, 2013 at a gorgeous high-end hotel suite… and you’re invited!  Everything from the makeup artist to the album of retouched images is included in this fantastic package.  So this week’s favorite image comes from a boudoir session I shot with a past bride of mine.  I get asked the same questions all the time from women considering boudoir sessions, so here’s a chance to give you the answers!

“You probably have to be a young, thin woman to have boudoir photos taken, right?”  Wrong.  Curvy women, women who’ve had babies, women who want a confidence boost, women who’ve worked hard to lose weight, women looking for an unexpected anniversary gift for their sweetheart, single women, divorced women, women of all ages… these are the types of women I photograph.  All shapes and sizes are celebrated!

“I don’t feel comfortable wearing lingerie.  Is that mandatory?”  NOPE! Sure, it’s the most common thing women wear but it’s not mandatory. Oversized dress shirts and ties, tank tops and boyshorts, miniskirts… women wear all kinds of things that make them look & feel great!  I can give you lots of examples if you’re curious.

So there you have it.  Boudoir questions answered!  Hope to see you June 29th!