Why You Don’t Get The Outtakes

BeyonceDuring your portrait session or your wedding, you might have noticed that your photographer seems to be taking thousands of photos.  Click click click!  That camera is shooting on rapid-fire!  So why is it that when you get your disc of images afterwards, there aren’t thousands of photos included on there?

This photo of Beyonce at the SuperBowl is why.  :-)

Inevitably, when your photographer is shooting so quickly, they’re going to capture some shots that are a little out-of-focus, or where things weren’t composed nicely.  And, in many cases, your photographer will also probably capture some unusual (to say the least) shots of you and your loved ones where your facial expression or body language were less-than flattering.  So, we politely exclude those outtake shots from making the final cut.  We don’t want you to see those particular images because we only want you to see yourself at your best!  Believe me — you don’t want the outtakes!

Rest assured — when I am culling these outtake images, I’m not just deleting random images for the sake of narrowing things down.  If all your images are miraculously perfectly crisp and in focus, and your facial expressions and poses are spectacular in every single shot, then you’ll get them all.  But, as you can see, even Beyonce doesn’t have that luxury.  😉

Have a great week everybody!